Camping La Campiña

The countryside is situated in the centre of Andalusia between the Sierras Subbeticas and the Guadalquivir Valley, at an altitude of 300 m above sea level.

Its population is approximately 102,805 inhabitants, with a surface area of 1101km2, distributed in 11 municipalities: Aguilar de la Frontera, Fernán Núñez, Montilla, Moriles, Montalbán, Monturque, Montemayor, La Rambla, Puente Genil, San Sebastián de los Ballesteros and Santaella. It is mainly an agricultural area, although it has a little-known cultural attraction.

The landscape is one of the main focal points of the region, the extensive olive groves, the fertile cereal lands, the green carpet of vineyards dotted with white villages where old fortresses, castles and convents have their roots, the small hills of the sierra and the old lakes, the wetlands in the south of Cordoba (the Donadío, Zoñar, Tíscar and El rincón lakes) protected as Nature Reserves, constitute a natural heritage that is part of the very identity of the province of Cordoba.

Within the natural heritage, the contrasting landscapes stand out, one of the most outstanding being the waters of the river Genil, which flows from the peaks of the Sierra Nevada and irrigates the countryside, leaving impressive reliefs before finally flowing into the Guadalquivir. The Arabs called the river Genil Sinnil (Sin=Mil, Nil=Nile). Hence the richness of these lands of the countryside also called the granary of the caliphate.

Nature Reserves and Parks

Sierras subbéticas, Valle de Los pedroches, Sierra de Cardeña -Montoro,…


Lagoon of Tíscar, Lagoon of Zóñar, Lagoon of El Donadío, Lagoon of El Rincón. In these places we can find different types of birds that come in different seasons to rest or breed.

Accompanied Visits

Visits to traditional sites with anecdotes and local customs.

(The organisation and tariff will depend on the number of bookings)

Olive Oil Mill

Learn about the olive oil production process by visiting a typical “Cortijo Andaluz” olive oil mill.


Ceramic Factory

In the town of La Rambla, a potter par excellence, we will see the whole process of creating these precious objects.

Montilla-Moriles Winery

Learn about the elaboration process of the different varieties of Montilla-Moriles wines following the tradition through the years. There is also the possibility to witness and take part in a guided wine tasting.

Doma de caballo


Mountain Bike Rental

Guided tours of the area.

Kayak por el río Genil

Kayak descents

Rutas en kayak por el río Genil a su paso por Écija.

Other Activities

Hiking (GR48), cycle-tourism, greenways, horse-drawn carriage rides, cheese-making, local craft demonstrations, gastronomic days with traditional recipes,…